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The Cooper Union Joint Activities Committee is composed of Student Council members selected from each of the three schools. The committee is charged with assigning funding to the various clubs and societies at the Cooper Union in the best manner possible to ensure that every student is given an opportunity to interact with others and have fun.


  • IN ORDER TO CONTINUE USING THE JAC WEBSITE, ALL USERS ARE REQUIRED TO CHANGE THEIR JAC ACCOUNT PASSWORD IMMEDIATELY! This is due to a forced password reset brought about by the recent email migration from Webmail to Microsoft Office 365 mail solutions. You must change your password; each account is deactivated until its password has been changed. Change your password here: https://jac.cooper.edu/forgot
  • A copy of the Fall 2018 Club Officer Meeting information handout can be found here.
  • Each group must be present at the Fall Festival or it will be deemed ineligible for fall funding.
  • All students who have not submitted a W9 form (or W8 form if international) to the Business Office or Eric Conley (econley@cooper.edu) must first submit the required documentation in order to receive reimbursement. These documents (W9/W8) can be found here.
  • The new JAC Facebook page, which can be used for posing Facebook events for all Cooper students can be found here.


  • Listed are the 2018/2019 school year funding periods, following the guidelines as given in the JAC Constitution:
    • The Fall funding period covers events held from 03 OCT 2018 through 05 FEB 2019.
    • The Spring funding period covers events held from 06 FEB 2019 through 04 JUN 2019.
  • Reimbursements forms may be submitted online. All reimbursement forms MUST be submitted, accompanied by the original receipt(s) within 14 days of the event.
  • Clubs are required to post signs to advertise for their events in ALL three buildings (Foundation, Engineering, the Dorm).