The club will foster a competitive yet very friendly environment which brings out the true spirit of this national pastime. We will promote the expansion of the game to people who have never played, welcoming amateurs and professionals alike. There will be sessions held in order to profess proper techniques as well as strategy to the novice players. By exerting our knowledge of kinematics, projectile motion, and probability alike, the quality of the game will be held at a very high level. The students will be able to partake in the game using any of the sodas or juices provided, all while relieving the stress of their classes with their fellow friends. The club will also house a ground where fans of the game could become easily acquainted with each other.


CUPS will ensure to have an active role in the entire Cooper Union community. By holding community-wide tournaments which are guaranteed to attract faculty and students alike, we will generate revenue which will be donated to charity. This club also provides students who are not on sports teams to be able to feel as a part of a competitive team while practicing good sportsmanship and teamwork. Overall, CUPS will prove to be a crucial aspect of social interaction and teamwork in the Cooper Union clubs and societies scene.

Current Club Officers:

George HolevasFounder