Student Actions


Student Actions for Cooper Union Without Tuition was founded to nurture public-facing expressions by Cooper students that communicate the value of our school\'s model of merit-based full-tuition scholarships for all.


1. The first half of the club\'s function is to create a framework of open meetings inviting students from all three schools to come together, eat cookies, discuss Cooper\'s future, and brainstorm solutions and expressions. The club will also organize two lectures to provide outside perspectives on how students can help untangle wicked problems like the ones we face.


2. The second part of the club\'s function is to provide students with the money necessary for materials required to bring ambitious ideas for action to fruition: anything from glue and tape to web hosting. We have budgeted materials for the best ideas from last year, as well as a fund for actions which have yet to be imagined.


A few of the initiatives organized independently by students in the last year included:


- An all school \"Walk Out / Work Out\"
- Distributing hundreds of \"150 Years Free\" balloons at a school event on Peter Cooper\'s birthday
- A satirical boxing match outside of school between Peter Cooper and Mark Epstein
- A publicly performed play about the balance of power at Cooper Union
- Red ribbons draped from Foundation Building
- The widely-lauded \"takeaway\" show of free artworks as part of the school\'s End of Year Show


Student Actions aims to increase the momentum of student activism such as this. An initial interest meeting showed that the students behind every single one of these actions is on board to work together with peers from all grades in all three schools at evolving some of last year\'s best ideas, coming up with new forms of action, and working together to raise our voices even louder about the radical idea of free education!

Current Club Officers:

Casey GollanFounder
Emily AdamoFounder 2.0