Sailing Club


Cooper Union Sailing Club is formed
1. To allow Cooper students who have sailed, an outlet to continue to practice their passion for sailing
2. To plant the seed and nurture a sailing culture at Cooper Union
3. To connect students of Cooper Union to the water that surrounds the city and to provide an opportunity to explore the city from the river and coast.
4. To provide opportunities that connect students to the wider New York City sailing community. 


Around the 1970's Cooper Union owned a number of sailboats and ran an active sailing club. For one reason or another, the sailing club dissipated and the boats no longer exist. There are many students in all three schools at Cooper who currently share an interest in sailing. New York City is an island with a growing and very active sailing community. The sailing community is by its nature global and closely knit. The sport of sailing attracts individuals and organizations that are interested in sportsmanship, competition, eagerness in learning, teaching and philanthropy. It will prove beneficial to Cooper Union to enter into and establish its name within the sailing community.

Current Club Officers:

Che PerezFounder