Workshop Club


Workshop club is an experiment in extra-curricular education. It is a chance to bring experienced and professional individual/groups/collectives to the Cooper Union to share classes, lectures, and workshops on a variety of topics. Workshops can be structured fluidly and can vary from one-time lectures, to a series of related lectures, or a multi-session ongoing class. We plan to use available classrooms and lobby space to create new flash mob style spaces for learning. A preliminary investigation of prospective workshops leaders yielded: current and past cooper faculty, cooper alumni, as well as members from Interference Archives, BabyCastles, AllInTheRed, Strike Debt, CUNY Grad, Mutant Legal, BFBifocals, PlatypusNYC, Bruce High Quality Foundation, and many more. Based on participation and attendance the Workshop Club can cater to the interest or it's members or other students interested in joining, though currently the subject matter ranges from: comparative french literature to playwriting, and permaculture, programming and photovoltaics to radical physical education and experimental dance. We hope to supplement the more traditional academic courses offered at Cooper with more experimental and collaborative opportunities to learn and engage peers from all three schools/disciplines.


The Workshop Club is a space for further investigation of topics and subject matter not always offered at the Cooper Union. Workshops are open to any and all Cooper students. Besides planned workshops, the club plans to survey it's members to find topics not yet covered and introduce speakers and events around those areas of interest. By documenting these workshops we can also hope to make this idea a repeatable module that can be adopted at other institutions. Working with the speakers and workshop leaders we plan by the end of the semester to have a website and publication chronicling out experiences.

Current Club Officers:

Victoria SobelFounder