Chemists' Club


The Cooper Union student chapter of the Chemists' Club is an extension of the New York-area organization. The Chemists' Club is dedicated to bringing together and networking professionals in the chemical field in the tri-state area, and is now branching out to bring academics and students as well. We hope to help industry, academia, and students network and collaborate to help bridge the gap that we see between students' academic and career endeavors.


At Cooper, we have several goals that we hope will help chemical engineering students:
1. to create a partnership with professionals in the New York area and help students find work opportunities
2. to help students understand what kinds of careers are available to them after college
3. to define the kinds of questions and considerations that students should have when making early career choices
4. to clearly define the types of skills and challenges associated with the different ChemE-related fields
5. to supplement the ChemE curriculum with seminars and presentations about different skills or technical topics that are useful in industry

Current Club Officers:

Seung Won NaPresident
Michael LangeCo-VP
Delphine TroastCo-VP
Andrew KimSophomore Rep