The Golden Falcon's purpose is to create a student publication of design work done by students in the Architecture school. There is a history of books, notably the 'Education of an Architect' (the last release was in 1991) books that the school has published that are of student work. Because of many reasons, no publications have been released by the school in years and we would like to restart the tradition of publishing student work to create positive and productive energy in and towards our school.


Our plan is to annually publish a small book of our student body's work. There will primarily be work from the core design studio but there will also be representation of other mandatory classes and seminars. There will be a mix of drawings, photos, text and any other kind of entry submitted. We will have an open call for work, encouraging students to provide a variety of projects, and pick the best work from each student. Our intent is to represent all students who submit work, thereby making the publication as inclusive as possible.

Our main funding will cover the costs to print the books. Students will work on a volunteer basis. We will try to include at least 1 student from each year to have representation, and also to have people familiar with the publication process in order to be able to let this process continue.

Current Club Officers:

Karim AhmedFounder