Cooper Union MUN


The purpose of the Cooper Union Model United Nations (MUN) club is to increase awareness of world issues among Cooper Union students, to provide a forum for intelligent debate among Cooper students on these same issues, and to give students the opportunity to participate in intercollegiate debate at various MUN conferences hosted by other colleges.


Cooper Union MUN's contribution to the Cooper Union includes, but is not limited to, an increase in awareness of global problems among the student population, an opportunity to improve presentation and public speaking skills, and an opportunity to represent the Cooper Union in intellectually stimulating competition with other schools. Cooper MUN events will include open-table discussions of world issues, internal simulations of model united nations committees, and practice for MUN conferences students will be attending at other colleges. As a club centered on awareness of global issues, members should also be prepared to participate in several fundraisers for various global causes and initiatives.

Current Club Officers:

Matthew SmarschVice President/Founder
Anish MalladiPresident