Programming Club


To help students advance their programming skills beyond what is taught in classes, such as mobile app development. The club will loan out textbooks covering advanced topics such as DirectX for programs with 2 or 3-D graphics.


A place where students can share programming ideas, strategies and skills. Students can collaborate on independent projects and seek advice and knowledge from experienced students. The club will meet twice a month, one for experienced programmers, and the other for programming newbies. during the advanced session more collaborating and sharing ideas will take place and discuss developing a program as a group. for the inexperienced meeting we will have an experienced member hold a lecture on a specific topic or have a group of experienced members open for question and answer sessions.

Current Club Officers:

Jason SchmidtCofounder
Eli SofferCofounder
Eliyahu FriedmanProject Manager
Dennis GavrilovTreasurer
Mark MchedlishviliPR Manager
Shalin PatelSecretary