Cooper Union Witches Collective


The Cooper Union Witches Collective organizes events and workshops for the members of the internal group, and events that are advertised to the entire school. We are invested in offering speakers, perspectives and skills that are not provided or given priority by this institution, such as movement research, alternative healing, anti-oppression, and practical skills etc. It has been active for one semester since Fall 2013. In the past we have organized a dance workshop, group meditation sessions, screenings, skill shares, readings and collective dinners. The group is always open and welcoming to new members from all three schools. All genders are welcome.


The Witches Collective offers a space for critical discourse/discussion and expression outside of the norm of the Cooper Union. We are invested in creating a safe place to feel comfortable and healing within an institutional setting that has been (for the past few years) stressful and at times dividing. We provide workshops, readings, lectures, and screenings that are open to all three schools. We would also like to organize art shows and lecture series.

Current Club Officers:

Lydia DresserFounder
Anna VilaFounder
Isabelle PageFounder
qt;) CurranWitch
Matt LedwidgeProvocateur
Samantha RosnerNot around