SRLS (Student Run Lecture Series) is a new club forming out of Cooper Union students' desire to play a more active role in the production of culture at Cooper Union. The purpose of the club is to make a space for students to envision, organize, fundraise, and execute a lecture series comprising of speakers who will bring into the institution content and ideas that are underrepresented or currently unavailable. SRLS will provide an opportunity for students to bring in people who inspire and motivate them, whether they be professional artists, scientists, academics, writers, architects, poets et cetera. What students at the Cooper Union need is to feel like they have a stake in the discourses that circulate within the school. A fundamental aspect to commanding our own education as students is to make available the content and discussions we feel engage us. SRLS is here to help provide a platform for that.

Our understanding of the term lecture not only comprises its traditional definition but it also includes screenings, workshops, panels, performances and all other things applicable. Club members will meet periodically to discuss lecture opportunities, review student proposals, reach out to potential speakers and fundraise. Students will familiarize themselves with the process of contacting speakers and organizing large-scale events.


The Student Run Lecture Series Club will facilitate the process for students to invite outside individuals to present at the school. Not only will that contribute greater student involvement over what lectures take place at Cooper Union, but it will enrich our learning environment by providing students with more lectures to go to. This club also will give students a new tool to expand their education and cultivate their curiosity beyond the given curriculum.

Current Club Officers:

Sebastian De GrePresident
Jakob BiernatEvents Coordinator
Larissa GilbertTreasurer