At CooperCares, we work together to engage the Cooper Union community in local health initiative projects which promote good health, quality of life, and direction.


We want to bring out the engineers, the architects and the artists in the people we work with. Inspire them and show them how beautiful this world is. We can give our participants the experience, inspiration and fascination that they need along the way as well. By working with professors, alumni, and administrators, we hope to engage our students in various events, in which they entertain other students, patients, or individuals in need. Here are some examples:

Engineering Students: Work with young children in a hospital to engineer their own projects and toys, helping to boost quality of life while in the hospital.
Architect Students: Work on projects with local school students to introduce the concept of architecture by making models of artistic structures.
Art Students: Host painting sessions, which strengthens motor function, with residents in veteran's homes or nursing homes.
Sports Teams: Hold sports clinics with local schools to introduce students to new sports and promote daily exercise.

Lets walk forward, together.

Current Club Officers:

Krishnan ThiyagarajanFounder
Tushar NichakawadeFounder