Independent Cooper Union Publishers


The Independent Cooper Union Publishers are a group of students who would like to collect, archive, and exhibit student-created publications via the construction of a mobile library. The library will be fit to host essays, zines, comics, poems, and everything in between. We will work as a collective that everyone is invited to be a part of so that we can properly promote the self-published work of students. Some members will be working on archiving the work as the year progresses.

We plan to build a moving library for the housing and exhibiting of works, including a physical message board attachment where people can post about projects that they are working on and seek out collaborators; have readings and performance events; and distribute copies of the work in the library with the help and approval of the authors. Anyone can contribute and all are welcome to join in on any aspect of creating the library, whether by physically building it or by submitting their own material.

We want to cultivate an environment of safety and support so that everyone can be comfortable sharing our words with people who are happy to listen. We want to archive and celebrate our intimate creations in a way that feels long lasting.


A moving, evolving library of student work would be useful to students who are looking for feedback and an audience for their self-published work. It would likewise introduce that work to a variety of people, which will keep the community informed about upcoming projects and current work that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. Since Fall 2015 we have also managed a risograph printer which students are invited to use for publishing projects, and have been regularly used by seniors during their final presentations.

We also contribute to the community through the Cooper Word Thing, a regularly released publication showcasing student poetry and other writing.

Learning together and supporting each other in creative endeavors is a huge part of being a student at this school. Having a space where we can collaborate as artists and writers would be very productive. As we haven't really had a designated space for writers and self-publishers to safely exhibit their work, a library that is constantly changing and expanding would be a good start.

Current Club Officers:

Anna VilaFounder
Maya RamosFounder
Marissa NicolFounder
Emma HillFounder