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We desire to create a way to take more self-direction in our education; a community within the institution that is not directed by the terms of the institution. We want an environment for "critique" free of the exigencies of a critique-based studio class- a space to present things in progress, experiments, sketches, loose ideas, ‘failures’, etc. without the anxieties of classroom presentation. though some teachers are open for people to bring things that are in progress, classroom critique often implies showing something “finished”, or on its way to this state. This could give people an escape valve from the pressures of necessarily working on totally finite and determined projects (though such realized projects would be welcomed just as equally). We feel a classroom setting, however "loosely structured", creates tensions and anxieties that prevent students from accessing a more vulnerable state, and hope to create a space where these anxieties are lessened. The classroom can make students feel defensive rather than open and willing to share or ask simple questions. This club can be an additional space to articulate processes of speaking and thinking about what we are doing, away from the classroom model. Time constraints in classes can also prevent us from being able to talk about issues or things we find exciting in the art world outside of school, so this could provide a space for that, and an organized body to be able to reach out to artists we like and invite them to join us.


As stated above, provide a space for critical discussion and to share ideas without the pressures of a classroom, as a shift from the dynamic we typically encounter. We hope that this kind of environment will give us an additional forum to share/be critical on our own terms, as peers are just as important as what's happening with teachers in class. We can also foster an environment to work through things that don't get to be discussed for long in class. Participants can have a reliable community that won't necessarily exist after finishing school at Cooper.

Current Club Officers:

George RaysonFounder