Land Line


To establish a student managed landline (extension) within a space of the art school in the foundation building. To allow for a gathering of students to direct their conversation and attention from one phone to another. To limit the scope of our communication and experiment with the intimacy of one on one correspondence when placed in a group setting. To look at communication (conversation) with critical words.
Now that the landline is old technology (one that we no longer use or depend on) we can look at it without the confusion of it being "technology" in the "new" sense of the word.

Members are expected to meet each week and use the phone, either together or individually, in whatever way seems fit.
Members are also encouraged to bring in phone numbers they have collected, yet we will also have a NYC telephone directory on hand.


By all this I mean to say that I feel the need, and believe others do too, to speak with people (either known or unknown) through a physical connection rather than through a digital (cell phone) or internet connection. Land line to landline. And, to have a space within the school in which we can take up this task and look, listen, watch, and, participate, together. The landline will give us as Cooper students a sense of identity both within Cooper, New york City, and the greater United States.

Please take this proposal seriously , it may be irrational in the sense of making forward progress (technology) yet I and other students see it as purposeful and fruitful in regards to the student body situated within the Cooper Union.

Current Club Officers:

Keanan FoxFounder