Cooper's Will


Cooper’s Will aims to provide free educational seminars to high school students. Peter Cooper once said, “Education should be as free as air and water” and he repeatedly emphasized his desire that the work of the institution might go on steadily in the years to come. We, as Cooper Union students, believe that Peter’ Cooper’s vision is not just limited to the institution itself.

We honor the founder’s will and desire to continue his will by mentoring and teaching high school students in preparation for their undergraduate studies. Cooper’s Will aims to provide a free program that will help bridge the gap between high school and college education. By promoting interactions between high school students and college students, we hope to close the vast gap between college and high school, thereby letting high school students have a smoother transition from one stage of their lives to another.

Through the program, we would like to provide high school students an opportunity to learn
more about engineering. The Cooper Union has four majors in engineering: Chemical Engineering,
Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Electrical Engineering. Students from each major
would speak at the seminar to provide information including but not limited to major-specific courses,
internship experiences, applied projects and possible career paths. We want to share our knowledge
to help high school students have a better understanding of each engineering major and make an
informed decision when choosing a major for college applications.

We are not limited to high school students, but also our own students here in Cooper Union. We also want to provide information to underclassmen.


We have already done engineering outreach to high school students in high schools around the area like Stuyvesant, Bronx Science, and Brooklyn Tech. We have also prepared a freshmen targeted event about registration Q&A for respective majors near the registration time period.

Current Club Officers:

Brice LeeFounder
Jenny JungPresident
Miraj PatelIT
Nicholas MitchellAdvisor
Ashmera MohamedVice President
Ra Eun KimTreasurer