Train Club


Assemble a group of students and faculty interested in trains and transportation, and those eager to learn more.
Discuss mainline and transit railroad engineering, logistics, and operations.
The group will focus not just on the engineering aspect, but also on the enjoyment of riding trains.


Group an outlet for Cooper Students interested in railways by providing the following activities:
-Discussions of railway engineering
-Upcoming news on train-related events in the area
-Volunteer work at nearby institutions such as BERA, New York Transit Museum, Steamtown, etc.
-Talks by guest speakers about railway topics
-Group photography and cinematography outings

Current Club Officers:

Maxim DiamondDispatcher
Mark PerelmuterOperations Planner
Bingyi FanResident Train Operator
Abhinav JainConductor
Eric Mendoza-ConnerData Analyst