Cooper Union Steel Bridge Team


The Cooper Union Steel Bridge Team is a dedicated group of individuals who annually compete in the ASCE-AISC Steel Bridge Competition. This group combines hands-on and theory to design, fabricate, and construct a 20' bridge made completely of steel. Along the way, members learn and practice welding, steel cutting, AutoCAD programs, and how to effectively manage a year-long project as part of a team.


As a club, the Steel Bridge Team offers students of all majors and all years the chance to be a part of this project. Welding, working with steel, doing AutoCAD design work, and managing a huge project are all skills that this competition helps everybody learn and use in the real world.
The ASCE-AISC Steel Bridge Competition takes place at the regional level in late April with a national level that opens up for the top two teams from each region. Cooper Union's Steel Bridge teams have a long history of success including a third place victory at the Metropolitan Section Regional competition last year. This presence at the Steel Bridge Competition elevates the status of Cooper Union every year, as other schools from the area are constantly reminded of the supply of talent consistently on display here.

Current Club Officers:

Evan StrausFabrication Captain
Joshua KitagorskyFabrication Captain
Zhen LiuCaptain
Andrew NjeimCaptain
Qitong HanOutreach Captain