Garment Design and Sewing Workshop


This club will be the first student run sewing workshop and garment design lab for learning about and discussing the worn object. Out of the many workshops at Cooper there has always been a lack for one where students can use sewing machines and design patterns. In the Art School many students work with sewn objects for the body or as sculpture; and are often left to work by hand, with domestic sewing machines in their studios or with the Painting Office sewing machine which is has been broken for a couple of years now. A space like this would not only benefit students in the Art School but could benefit creative projects in the Architecture and Engineering Schools as well. Prototyping and 1:1 scale models can also include fabric elements that would need to be sewn.

This shared sewing workshop will be used primarily by a core group of peers whose practices involve garment design and who will be trained in the maintenance of the machines. The space will house an industrial sewing machine and an industrial serger machine as well as a few domestic machines and irons. The space will be open to the wider community to learn how to sew and make patterns, design clothes for the everyday, and create worn pieces as/for artworks and prototypes.


This space will not only be a facility but it will also house conversations around the aesthetics, politics, economics, and sociality of the worn object. This project will thrive if we can bring in artists, fashion designers, and thinkers whose work is of interest to the group and who would be interested in sharing or collaborating with us.

In addition to creating an open work and dialogue space it would also be of great interest to the community to partner with someone skilled in clothing design and manufacturing to teach us these skills. The Garment Design and Sewing Workshop will be a space where we can learn to sew together, share our projects with each other, and a mutually supportive environment at The Cooper Union.

We are currently working with administrators to help us find this student run facility a permanent space for the year.

Current Club Officers:

Emilio MartinezFounder
Olivia VanClub Officer
Sarah SchmittClub Officer
Jackson BeydaClub Officer
Jessica FloydClub Officer
Asante MillsClub Officer