Student organized artist lecture


The purpose of this club is to organize a series of casual presentations by practicing artists of many disciplines.

The lecture/talk/presentation will be loose and the artist will choose the format and situation, it could be the artist sharing their own work, talking about a topic relevant to their practice, sharing other artist's work (visual, film, literature, music) in relation to their own, talking about a particular experience in their career, etc. Each artist would only visit once, each topic and lecture would be unique.

This lecture would broaden the dialogue cooper union students have with a variety of practicing artists, we would learn about contemporary art practices in the ~real world~. The invitation to non-cooper artists to come into the cooper union community is an attempt to bridge the gap cooper union students sometimes feel to other artistic communities/ways of life.

These lectures would take place in smaller classrooms (215,315..) - not auditoriums or lecture halls.
Lectures will vary from 30-60 minutes, depending on artist.

The range of artists will vary from previous cooper union professors, to artists whose practice is their means of support to artists whose practice is one facet of their life, artists who teach at other schools, etc.


I would like to be able to pay the artists for their time, being able to offer 100-150 dollars per talk. Limiting it to 5 artists talks if i need to, but at least having 3 talks.
150 x 5 = 750.00

I have not confirmed with any artists yet as I would like to be able to offer funding, the funding will only be needed once the artist is confirmed so it is just a matter of how much is AVAILABLE, not necessarily used.

I think 5 would be a good number because it allows for a variety of presentations and artists from different mediums.

Current Club Officers:

Irina JasnowskiFounder