Cooper Union Barbell Club


Cooper Union Barbell Club exists to provide a network for Cooper students interested in, and committed to a fitness lifestyle, particularly geared to those interested in competing in powerlifting and Olympic lifting.

The club will provide services including, but not limited to, guided discussions on proper weight training, diet regimens, and supplementation and workshops dedicated to form and technique. The group will attempt to host at least one competition per year as well as an open information session each semester regarding physique and weightlifting competitions such as powerlifting, fitness, and Olympic weightlifting. Additionally, Cooper Barbell allows members to represent their fitness commitment on a professional resume and to network with other like-minded individuals.


The club will focus on weight lifting competitions and the logistics and nuances therein.

In addition, the club will provide a safe space for the self-exploration, self-improvement and community as is found through weight training. The club will also attempt to help those interested in training, but cannot due to physical, financial or otherwise personal reasons.

Current Club Officers:

Simon CohenFounder
Iram RahmanBig Guy
James NgaiProtein Enthusiast
Jiachen XuBulk Captain
Arnold WeyBrand Management
William YangPace Setter