Cooper D&D


Unite students who want to play Dungeons and Dragons. Everyone has mismatched schedules and don't know when they'll be free, so this club is to help students find others who want to play. You don't need to come into every meeting but if you're free and want to learn, come on in! We play by fifth edition rules, which are decently easy to understand for new players. If you're into making stories then you can learn the basics of being a Dungeon Master.


Help students who want to play Dungeons and Dragons find others and provide a time of relief. Help people explore the realm of fantasy through their imagination.

Current Club Officers:

Rayhan SyedPresident/ Head DM
Jack BatsonTreasurer
Jenna ScottPublic Relations
Peter BaccarellaCo-DM
Evan BubniakPosters
Joshua JordanCo-DM