Pickup Basketball


The purpose of this club is to give a chance for Cooper students to play basketball in a friendly/semi-competitive environment. It will serve as a unique opportunity for students who avidly love playing the sport but cannot provide the commitment or support the added stress that comes with joining a full team. This way our dreams of being the next Jeremy Lin don't have to die just because we didn't make the cut.


The potential benefits of this club are boundless. First and foremost, with the workload Cooper Union students are given, physical activity can be easily forgotten. Oftentimes a new place, or finding a pickup game on your own can be daunting. Hence, this club will provide a special opportunity that student players can look forward to. It is special in that it will occur on a weekly basis. Students can have a consistent outlet for the stress built up during the week. Finally, the club will provide a supportive environment and a place for beginners to pick up the sport. We can provide informal practices so players can learn some of the skills of the sport.

Current Club Officers:

Nicholas GaoFounder
Mohammed HossainPresident
sm rahmanBenchwarmer
Mahir AlamVice President
James XuLebron James