Students in Solidarity


1. Who We Are
We are concerned students who are united in equality for all. We are determined to spread understanding, kindness, and respect through non-violent organization and protest. We are united people against the racism, sexism, xenophobia, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, transphobia, and homophobia that our nationís culture and political system is built on. We are not aligned with any political parties.
As students, We are leading this initiative to unite the faces of this nation. We are a bonded group of socially progressive students who are willing to understand the differences amongst one another in order to find strength in our solidarity. This acceptance of peopleís differences develops unity. Our approach to reclaiming our rights is non violent. We believe in understanding, kindness, and respect for all because there is solidarity in being different. We try to reason with people that do not share our views through peaceful protest and honest communication. We respect the right for individuals to disagree with our views, while at the same time not condoning their oppressive ideologies.

2. What We Are Against
We stand in defiance to inhuman treatment of others. We are vehemently against the racism, sexism, xenophobia, islamophobia, anti-Semitism, homophobia, and transphobia that are prevalent in our culture. We are vehemently against the revocation of the social progresses that have been made thus far. In fact, we would like social progresses to expanded.
We will not allow the normalization of our current state of disarray and existing bigotry. To defeat fear and the oppression caused by empowered aggressors, we have united as students under a collective goal. We strive to be a channel in which people can be heard

3. What We Are For
We believe in the unity of people and we fight for inclusion. We are a country of a myriad of cultures and people, and when we acknowledge that we are different, we grow as people. Diversity allows us to see different perspectives and it can bring us together to heal our fractured society. We believe in the moral will of the people; which can provide justice for all. Students in Solidarity is an organizing force to amplify young peopleís voices.

4. List of Demands

Protect and support legal immigrants
Prevent the mass deportation of Latin Americans, as well as immigrants from all other countries.
Do not discriminate against immigrants coming into the US based upon race or religion.
Provide an unbiased streamlined process to become a legal immigrant.
Refuse to create a registry of citizens based on religion or ethnicity.
Reform the criminal justice system
Acknowledge the racial bias in the criminal justice system.
Create active partnerships with communities to debase racist methods of policing and build trust between law enforcement and citizens.
End the racially biased mass incarceration of Black, Latino, and other minorities.
Abolish mandatory minimum sentencing for small drug offenses and decriminalize victimless drug crimes.
Protect and support womenís rights
Maintain insurance coverage for birth control.
Protect and support sexual assault victims who testify in the justice system.
Preserve Roe. v. Wade and womenís right to choose.
Improve the accessibility to Sex education.
Enforce effective sexual assault policies either by expanding Title IX or starting over.
Maintain and expand LGBTQ civil rights.
Further Trans acceptance through inclusive health care and social legislation.
Include sexual orientation in the wording of Title VII, such that LGBTQ persons are protected from discrimination in the workplace.
Preserve the legalization of gay marriage.
Preserve the environment for future generations
Stop the desolation of the American landscape we all share for the sake of artificially extending the use of fossil fuels.
Stop subsidizing fossil fuel use with the lives of citizens, typically those in poor and minority communities.
Protect access to clean water and healthy land, so that our nation can sustain itself.
Remain part of the Paris Agreement and acknowledge global climate change.

4. What We Are Doing
In the footsteps of revolutionaries and trailblazers, We are embarking on a journey that has been taken many times before by different marginalized groups. It is a March of deep symbolism as it unites all participants in mind and body. On Thursday, January 12th, 2016, we are starting our march from Union Square, New York to Washington D.C., ending at the foot of the Capitol. We will be traveling 227 miles to reach our destination. This march, which has been taken by New York Justice League and Occupy Wall Street, unites people and students under one common mission. It is to not only unite students, but all persons who are concerned about the status of civil rights.

5. How You Can Support Us:
Engage in conversation within your community and let them know what we stand for.
Attach a yellow felt circle to your attire to show your alignment and support for our cause.
Donate time, ideas, or charity.
Print out posters and distribute them in your community.
Spread the word to fellow students about our cause.
Fulfill our Amazon wishlist.
Follow us on Facebook.
House us along our trip



Meetings to discuss actions to reach the goals outlined in our mission statement. Town halls to foster discussion in the Cooper community. Distribution of materials (zines, posters, literature) about injustice in our political system and how to solve it. Organizing and executing marches and rallies in conjunction with other student groups.

Current Club Officers:

Michael PasternakFounder
Kiersten MercadoFounder
Asante MillsFounder
Eva GabrielsenFounder
Ariana FreitagFounder