Building Blocks


To unite the three schools through a common goal, and educate the student body on the most significant innovation in networked applications since the World Wide Web. Building Blocks is an education and project-based club in which art, architecture, and engineering students work together with mentorship from Consensus Systems (ConsenSys) to build decentralized applications on the Ethereum Blockchain. Cooper Union students will be exposed to the developing technology, Blockchains, which industry professionals are regarding as “the most important innovation since the Internet” and “Web 3.0.”


Intrinsic in every professional project is collaboration between disciplines. Blockchains can be compared to the Internet, which requires user interface and user experience design as well as full-stack development to produce a service with which humans can interact. ConsenSys will be providing two mentors, one with a computer science background, and one with an architecture background, to lead the student body through Blockchain introduction sessions, and eventually provide mentorship as the students collaborated on a set of deliverables. Club founders, Mary Dwyer (ME '19) and Celine Park (Arch '17) will also provide leadership and education as we collaborate with the club members.

Current Club Officers:

Mary DwyerFounder
Celine ParkFounder
Ariana FreitagPresident