Toy Cooper


The club aims to promote jovial collaboration between students/faculty of the different schools through toy design. The club will organize activities for people of different skills and background but similar interests to meet up and talk about toys. It serves more as a platform for networking and also provides raw materials, inspirations and possible ideas to work on.


Members and participants can expect to:
1. meet other creative people in a fun and laid back setting
2. gain knowledge and hone their skills in the entire design process (from ideation to fabrication)
3. learn to have fun if you don't know how to already!

The Cooper Union community can expect to have:
1. increased interaction between schools
2. some air of lightheartedness in the all too serious atmosphere

Current Club Officers:

Liushifeng ChenFounder
Grace LiProject Leader
Eric GoinsProject Leader
Zekiel MaloneyProject Leader
Yen-Chia FengProject Leader
Hou Chong ChanProject Leader
Wei TinProject Leader
Minyoung NaProject Leader
Abraham TawilProject Leader
Tony ZhaoProject Leader
sm rahmanProject Leader
Austin WongProject Leader