The purpose of this club is to allow Cooper Union students and staff with an outlet to volunteer charitable works. This club is open to practice all and any kind of charitable work or volunteer work. This club seeks funding from Cooper Union to carry out the charitable works.

Some examples of charitable works include:

1. Giving money to poor people who need it

2. Feed poor and hungry people who can't afford to eat well or even eat

3. Buying nice clothes for poor people who can't afford nice clothing

4. To help accommodate any religious needs for Cooper Union students and staff

5. And this club is open to more and any new ideas; any charitable or volunteer work

0. 5% of the money funded to this club will be donated to charitable organizations to help orphans, poor, and refugees

A basic plan (nothing is set in stone, everything is open for improvement or changes) would be to carry out these activities during the weekend, maybe Saturday. Or maybe during the weekdays, during Fridays. Nothing is set in stone; the only thing set in stone is that the purpose of this club is to volunteer charitable works.

This is my first time making a club so any help or support with organization and ideas and how to run this club will be greatly appreciated!


I am not sure what "contribution" means so please forgive me if I totally don't write down what you guys need me to write but I assume it means whether or not we would need funding from the school. Yes, we need funding. Any funding or money is great; God willing every penny contributed to this club will go directly to charitable works, and not a single penny will go into any of our own pockets. The only time I see it is okay to break this rule is when a poor person does not want to or is unable to eat a food, and we cannot find others who need the food, that we eat the food to prevent the food from going to waste; and other examples like this I guess can slide.

Current Club Officers:

Shaheer ImamFounder