Cooper Union Garden Project


To create a healthy environment at Cooper Union for healthy plants to grow.

To create a home for 2 healthy honeybee hives.

To reconnect to the rhythms of the growing seasons.

To UNIFY cooper union creatives in a project.

To utilize the rooftops and spaces of Cooper Union to grow food.

To practice sustainable gardening methods.

To liberate from our dependence on unsustainable practices.

The intention of the Cooper Union Garden Project is to create a space where the people of Cooper Union can connect, organize, learn, share knowledge, ideas & wisdom, & discuss topics such as urban gardening, permaculture, bee keeping, sustainability, & the Unity of the Cooper Union Community.

The project's emphasis is to nurture the Unity of the community by bringing together the 3 schools of Cooper Union: Fine Arts, Architecture, & Engineering in an ongoing ecological gardening project.



Sustainable gardening methods


Roof top Garden

Positive atmosphere

Honey Bees

Community building

Planting seeds, watering, harvesting vegetables, herbs, flowers.

Maintaining healthy bee hives


Healthy students faculty and staff

Distribute produce

Current Club Officers:

Jasper KerbsFounder
Zuri Scott-
Jessica Martinez-