GLO NYC Chapter


To create, inspire, and train young leaders and guide them through the steps of becoming a "social transformative leader". The organization was founded to dispel the notion that leaders are "born" and teaching students valuable skills to work toward that end. GLO separates itself from the other leadership organizations in that it not only provides a rigorous program to educate students of the skills they need, but also provides a safe environment for fledgling leaders to apply their skills, see the skills in action, gradually integrating the skills into day to day workflow, understanding how to apply the skills to make a measurable real world change to help the world in however way the student pleases and beyond.


The organization will provide students with several opportunities, central being the access to a large network of intelligent and skilled minds. There are four main event types Chapter board members are expected to organize: professional, social issues, community, and continuing education.

Professional events are geared toward students who want to develop their career prospects and would like to meet professionals in their respective fields; this division of events are also expected to help facilitate mentor-mentee pairs in order to create a productive relationship.

Social Issues events are intended to educate people about the many problems plaguing our world today, a significant number of which is not often discussed. These events are geared toward a "learn" and "do" event scheduling structure, with a panel/conference style event designed to educate and inspire and an activity type event designed to get your hands dirty.

Community events are fun activities that are responsible for reinforcing interpersonal relationships not just within the Chapter, but also build relationships with the rest of the school.

Finally, Continuing Education events are designed to facilitate further absorption of the content the GLO curriculum consists of; after the GLO Leadership Summits, our alumni usually tell us that they would like more practice with the curriculum in a classroom setting or express interest in teaching the curriculum itself. These events are geared toward just that.

Current Club Officers:

Rafi MueenFounder
Seung Won NaVice President of Finance