Jam, Dance, Jam


The Jam, Dance, Jam club at its core is about facilitating a space for all Cooper kids that have an interest in music. Throughout our time at Cooper, we have noticed many students from all disciplines who have passions for music, so we want to create a space where we can all get together and share those talents and interests with each other, but other events such as individual performances, listening parties, and Drum Circles will be implemented as well. All people are welcome regardless of skill level, and bringing your own instrument is encouraged.


At the core of the JDJ club is the cross-disciplinary enjoyment of music. Branching out of this are, a space to collaborate together, a space to create together, and events to dance alongside each other. Informal jam sessions open to anyone will take place bi-weekly, and showcases/dances (again open to everyone) approximately once a month.

Current Club Officers:

Faye BlueCo-Founder
Omar WisemanCo-Founder