Cooper Union Future Fabrication Unit


Design and then showcase to the public inventions, innovations, and new concepts. First, we'll have the research, discussion, and brainstorming phase, a lot of writing on whiteboards analyzing the issues we face as a society. Next, we'll creatively solve these issues with our combined creativity and analytical brainpower. Our purpose is making this world a better place, one ultimatum that I'm going to introduce early on is saving our earth from an early doom due to over-consumption of natural resources and pollution of the Ozone layer.


I'll introduce some issues that I think we must solve, some of the important frontiers we must power forward in, and then also introduce some inventions that I've designed. I'll keep everything organized and make sure everyone is productive/contributes in some way. Going to spend my time trying to reify the designs too, ideally, id actually make these real solutions to real problems.

Current Club Officers:

Josiah SmithFounder