CSA - Chinese Students Association


The goal of the Cooper Union Chinese Students Association (CSA) is to promote and celebrate Chinese culture. By promoting understanding and giving insight into various aspects and historical practices, we hope to increase awareness of time-honored traditions. By celebrating with events and outings, we hope to create an inviting and open environment to share the Chinese culture with everyone as well as increase school social life and provide networking opportunities.


We plan on holding events both in and outside of Cooper throughout the semester. These include movie and game nights, study breaks, and gatherings and tours of local Chinatowns.

Current Club Officers:

Yingzhi HaoOfficer
Xuerui WangOfficer
Xiao WangOfficer
Ruxi XuOfficer
Xiaoyang CaiOfficer
Xiao LinOfficer
Xinyi ZhanOfficer
Xiaoyu MaoOfficer