Cult Cinema Club


The focus of Cult Cinema is to create a space for students to engage with films outside the mainstream of critically acclaimed cinema and examine the merit of often overlooked and underappreciated films and filmmakers. The club aims to host weekly screenings of films that exist within the genre of 'cult classic,' or films that have gone on to acquire a dedicated, passionate fanbase and elaborate subculture that engages in repeated viewings, quoting dialogue, and audience participation, despite these films facing potential box-office failure or poor critical reception upon release. The club's aim is to assess these films based on their artistic merit and contemplate their role within pop-culture and the film industry as a whole.


Weekly screenings will include pre- and post-film discussions with the intention of promoting community and encouraging dialogue among peers. These discussions will allow club members to engage with each other and the film and contemplate various technical and contextual aspects of the film.

Current Club Officers:

Nicholas MarabellaFounder