Film Club


The intention of the film club is to bring both students and faculty together in order to explore the world of film through a curated film series that would be screened on Friday nights from 6.00 - 8.30 in room 315, and sometimes Saturday and Sunday nights in addition.

The films will be of a twofold program: A regular, ongoing series (Fridays) and biweekly student/faculty-submitted miniseries (Fri/Sat//Sun) selected and curated by both students and faculty in order to bring these two communities a little closer together beyond the studio/class dynamic, and merge interests and passions through the extraordinary world of film.

There will be an open call for people to submit proposals for series, from which several will be selected for the semester ahead. Two to three films may be screened per series. A total of 15 to 18 films will be screened per semester, beginning in the second week of October.

Of primary importance to the idea of the club is that films are selected according to interests in a specific idea, concept, or theme rather than by director or stylistic genre. The idea of the club is to create a forum to explore how a range of film makers have dealt with similar concerns that we deal with in the disciplines explored at The Cooper Union.

Through the film club we wish to explore how shared perceptions cross mediums and disciplines. The curator of any given series would be asked to give a talk about the selected films. It can be informal and as short or long as they would like. It would simply need to convey how and why the films were selected and the ideas that tie them together, in order to promote a discussion at the beginning and end of each film / series.

Funding from the JAC would be used to purchase these films on DVD. After screenings they would then be stored in The Architecture School\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Archive under the auspices of Stephen Hyllier (Director of The Archive) and club officers. The films would then form a lending library, where faculty and students can borrow films to watch and study. The films selected over time would create a legacy and gift to be passed on to the school, for future students to explore.

** The rental program in the Archive might be better suited to the Study Collection, since its hours are entirely outside of class time and it is a student-run space. Will determine this in the next two weeks.


As stated above the intention of the Film Club is to bring students and faculty from all three schools together to explore shared perceptions and similar concerns through the world of film, in order to prompt dialogue and broaden our knowledge and understanding of the human condition. The funding from the JAC would enable the club to purchase films on DVD that would then form an open and free film lending library, where students and faculty could borrow films to watch. (Overnight loans during the week and full-weekend loans). A method of ensuring return would be employed to ensure films do not get lost and stolen.

Current Club Officers:

Oliver AntoniuPresident
Alexandra AlexaVice President