Intervarsity Christian Fellowship


Intervarsity's vision is to see students and faculties transformed, our campus renewed, and world changers developed. We see the brokenness on our campus- from depression to loneliness to overwhelming stress to purposeless to apathy to complaints or just dissatisfaction, and believe that God has the power to transform our lives- giving us purpose, joy, peace and satisfaction. We are here on campus so that students can come together and know about God and renew the campus into one where students can come to and feel loved and secure, purposeful and excited..


We seek to provide students with an open environment to engage each other in spiritual conversations and to see the university as a place to learn and discuss with other students and faculties about faith and spirituality, not just academically. We believe that through knowing God and the resurrection power of Jesus, students and faculties will have a greater impact on the world.

Current Club Officers:

Courtney ChiuAdministrator
Zekiel MaloneyCommunity Out Coordinator
Gian Angelo TriaCommunity In Coordinator
Amy PanPresident
Kevin DaiCommunity Out Coordinator
Christopher TangCommunity In Coordinator