South Asian Society


The South Asian Society brings together a wide range of people to celebrate their cultural differences. We are an organization that serves to create a connection between the South Asian community at Cooper and the entire student body. We also educate the student body about South Asian culture.


The South Asian Society hosts a variety of events to portray many aspects of South Asian culture. These include Bollywood movie nights, outdoor events such as cricket matches and the Diwali Party. The South Asian Society also hosts and spearheads the major student-organized show of the year, the Culture Show. Through the Culture Show, the South Asian Society promotes the diversity of cultures present at Cooper Union.

Current Club Officers:

Ruchi PatelPresident
Anushree SreedharPresident
Kavya UdupaVice President
Parshwa ShahSecretary
Marianne TymoczVice President
Jonathan HenryEvents Coordinator
Timil PatelEvents Coordinator
Nithi SubbaianSecretary
Alinur RahimTreasurer
Soham PatelSophomore Representative