Tau Beta Pi


Tau Beta Pi is an honor society for students interested in "engineering, adaptability and unselfish activity" (from the official Tau Beta Pi Constitution). It aims to promote ethical engineering individually and communally. Members of Tau Beta Pi seek to "uphold and enhance the honor, integrity, and dignity of the profession."


Tau Beta Pi has hosted many events for the school in the past that encourage and aide the learning process. Every semester Tau Beta Pi hosts a couple of tutoring sessions for students in need - this year it plans to continue the tradition. In addition to on-campus help, Tau Beta Pi plans to host events outside of school, motivating high schools in the area to become more involved with engineering projects.

Current Club Officers:

Shifra AbittanPresident
Aziza AlmanaklyVice President
Samuel MakarovskiyTreasurer
Alon LevinCorresponding Secretary
Daniel SmithRecording Secretary