The Coffee Club


Coffee culture is alive and well at Cooper, and The Coffee Club! exists to give Cooper students regular access to fresh, high quality, fair trade, organic coffee at very low prices (or free, funding permitting) in a friendly, academic setting. The club will unify the disparate nature of the coffee break, giving students of all disciplines a place to congregate, share coffee, and ideas at the club's coffee cart. Instead of spending large amounts of money at high end coffee establishments around the campus, students can maximize their break time and socialize with other Cooper peers in front of the Foundation building, or in the colonnade if the weather is poor. Emphasis will be placed on providing cold brewed iced coffee until a hot water situation is approved or figured


"The Foundation Building has a severe lack of communal space, particularly for non-smokers. We would like to fill that role, provide art and architecture students a place to chit-chat, and engineering students looking for a quality (emphasis here) cup of coffee a quick, fun place to go. The daily coffee cart will provide this service. We will host mid and end semester study sessions and coffee breaks, coffee parties focused on coffee information, bean selection and comparison, brewing and preparation technique, and appreciation.

Also, the mobile nature of the coffee cart would allow us to easily be a part of other club functions upon request."

Current Club Officers:

Megan LeeVice President
Giuliano VignuttiBuildings and Grounds
Nathan GassawayHuman Resources
Celeste SousaDepartment of Revenue