American Society of Civil Engineers


The new and improved American Society of Civil Engineers has two primary goals: the traditional focus of improving civil engineers professional prospects and also the new emphasis on establishing a CE network within the cooper community.


"Facilitate the advancement of technology to enhance quality, knowledge, competitiveness, sustainability, and environmental stewardship. Encourage and provide the tools for lifelong learning to aid our members' continued growth throughout their careers. Promote professionalism and the profession throughout society to enhance the stature of civil engineers and to influence public policy. Develop and support civil engineer leaders to broaden our members' perspectives, enhance their career growth, and promote the public interest. Advocate infrastructure and environmental stewardship to protect the public health and safety and improve the quality of life."

Current Club Officers:

Mahmoud Khair-EldinPresident
Mary Vavruska2022 Rep
Brighton HuynhVice President
Kyril YurchukTreasurer
Edward Zlotskiy2023 Rep
Jenna Scott2021 Rep
Shirley YanSecretary
Huimin ChuSenior Rep