Roof Garden


To make better use of the alumni terrace roof gardens by planting a vegetable garden. The purpose of this is: 1. To save the school money on the cost of maintaining the current garden, since students will be maintaining it on a voluntary basis 2. To give students a hands on experience in resource management 3. To earn money for the school by selling produce.


The contribution this club can make to the school is quite large. There is enormous potential in this project. Besides the monetary savings that this will provide to the school, working directly with producing food is truly a learning experience. As students we learn about ways of using resources, especially in the engineering and architecture school, but its not as easy to get a real sense of how valuable resources are, and the hidden costs that are behind many of the things we take for granted, like food.

Current Club Officers:

Devonn FrancisOfficer
Peter HalupkaAdmin
Enrique CabreraHistorian