Architecture Student Council


The Architecture Student council aims at fostering a sense of community among students of the Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture as part of the wider Cooper Union community.  The council is first and foremost endowed with the responsibility of improving the way in which it carries out its roles. It is charged with protecting the values and principles of The Cooper Union and the Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture as seen by the architecture student body.

The council will consist of enrolled members of the architecture student body. Council members will be democratically elected by the student body.

The Architecture Student Council is entrusted with, but not limited to, the following roles:

To be a responsible conduit for communication between school administration and the student body;

To voice concerns and opinions of the student body, or any part thereof, to faculty and administration;

To make recommendations to the administration and staff, informed by consensus from the student body, with the aim of improving the educational experience of students;

To represent the student body on committees that govern school policy and to inform students of changes to policy. Representatives to these committees will be nominated and elected by members of the council;

To ensure that each student has access to a clean and productive work environment in all aspects of the education of an architect.


With the architecture student body in mind and the improvement of the educational experience a key goal, the Architecture Student Council runs programs, events and hosts meetings aimed at:

Sustaining a lively critical discourse about architecture and architectural education among students, faculty and administration;

Keeping the students critically connected with alumni and the architectural community at large;

Fostering collaborative academic relationships between students of the architecture, art and engineering schools.

Current Club Officers:

pacula@cooper.eduVice Treasurer