JAC Policies and Procedures

Requests Procedure

  1. Requests are submitted for events occurring during the allocation period at hand.
    There are two types of requests:
    1. Event Budget. These events may or may not need guards and must be requested separately.
    2. Ongoing Budget. This is a lump sum devoted to events that occur more than 3 times a semester or ongoing projects for college competitions.
  2. The Student Banker will notify club treasurers of the deadlines for these requests at the treasurer's meeting at the beginning of each academic year.
  3. JAC holds a closed meeting and allocates the money to the clubs. The student representatives of the JAC meet together to allocate money for the professional societies and student clubs.
  4. The clubs are notified about what funding they received through the JAC website. If a club does not agree with its allocation, two members of the club can attend an appeals meeting that the JAC will hold one week after the funding allocations are posted.
  5. The JAC determines if more money should be allocated to groups after that appeal.
  6. Any changes to the date of an event must be communicated to the Student Banker via email (banker@cooper.edu) at least one week before the scheduled event date or the new event date, whichever occurs first.
  7. After an event is held, receipts and event report (showing that the money was well-spent on what it was supposed to be spent on) must be submitted within two weeks to the Student Banker by either completing the online form on the JAC website or filling out a hardcopy of the reimbursement form and submitted hardcopies of receipts and advertisement at the Office of Student Services, 6th Floor, 30 Cooper Square. If you do not submit receipts and the report of the event within two weeks of holding the event (either online or in person), or ask the Student Banker for other arrangements, funds will be reallocated to other clubs.
  8. The student banker then issues a check if she or he determines the expenditure was approved by the JAC.

Special Circumstances

  1. Any event that will involve more than 3 non-Cooper students, has an expected turnout of over 50 students, or is held past the hours of 11pm requires a security guard present. Events that require the use of a security guard must have those charges covered by the club sponsoring the event. In your event funding request you must include the cost of the guard in your total expenses. Prices vary from situation to situation, so for any specifics you must email the student banker.
  2. If club officers choose not to hold an event, requests must be made to the Student Banker if there is a desire to use the funds for other events/purposes. If an approved, funded event is not held without notifying the Student Banker, the funds will be reallocated to other clubs. All notifications and requests must be made to the Student Banker at least one week prior to the scheduled event date.
  3. During the semester, student clubs can request for additional funds - either for already approved events for which additional funding is needed or new events. This can be done through an event request funding form on the JAC website. The Student Banker will allocate these additional funds from funds that were taken away from events that were not held.
  • Advertisements must be posted at least one week prior to the event in the Foundation Building, 41 Cooper Square, and in the dorms. Advertisements must not depict alcohol.